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Winter Sports Injuries



Many of us will be heading to the mountains this winter for a full week of high intensity exercise. Skiing and snowboarding places unique demands on the body. It is at altitude so there is less oxygen in the air to supply the muscles. THere is exposure to extreem cold and the air is very dry. Its much easier than you think to dehydrate on the mountain even if it is cold. Different muscle groups are used in the alpine sports and to get the best out of your holiday, some prior training and conditioning is well advised. 

Most injuries occur in the afternoon when the slopes are busy, when skiiers are tiered and the quality of the snow is variable ( slushy or icey). Whilst Apres ski is part of the holiday, mixing alcohol and extreem sports is not advised. Just like drink driving, the injury rate increases significantly.

We want you to have a great holiday and get the most out of your skiing. If you are unlucky enough to sustain an injury then we are happy to see you quickly on your return to assess, diagnose and treat you.